NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
42_Scalea small software to create and edit 42 (.yaml) scale files easily louis2018-06-04 12:12
Grog-Knightsome game in C++ louis2017-10-11 12:11
IRC-Botmorphux IRC bot louis2014-11-19 15:11
KFSkernel from scratch course louis2018-04-21 11:18
KraKernC++ Kernel louis2018-06-04 12:06
Y-ascyet another stupid compiler louis2018-06-13 20:31
blogmy personnal blog / site louis2019-05-01 15:22
builderpackage builder morphux2017-03-28 12:39
c_advanced_tips_n_tricks42 conference about some C tricks louis2018-10-18 14:59
ciscoHome Shitty cloud provider louis2019-04-11 17:41
cisco-ansibleansible scripts for cisco instances louis2019-04-11 16:24
documentationdeveloper documentation morphux2017-02-22 09:51
git-appraise-vimgit appraise wrapper for vim louis2017-10-22 21:40
graphicgraphic assets morphux2017-01-03 15:15
homemy firefox custom homepage louis2017-10-24 15:39
installinstaller morphux2017-01-17 21:28
libmorphux C utility library morphux2017-07-26 14:44
libdev.aC Helper library louis2018-06-04 12:14
libmpmmorphux C package management library morphux2017-07-26 15:26
ltsimple terminal emulator louis2018-06-12 13:23
mobleyC Git HTTP server louis2019-04-06 13:49
mpmmorphux package manager morphux2016-03-18 15:02
mpsmorphux package server morphux2017-05-02 12:59
ne02ptzero.memy old website louis2018-06-26 08:37
neocgita more 'modern' version of cgit louis2018-10-03 10:10
networklow level network subjects louis2017-05-02 12:57
protocolprotocol tests morphux2017-05-02 12:57
relitaan encrypted, decentralized, peer-to-peer social network louis2017-04-13 06:59
shaylaa simple yet fast static site builder louis2019-04-03 23:26
whiteroselinux unikernel louis2019-04-25 09:25