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diff --git a/tex/yasc.tex b/tex/yasc.tex @@ -831,7 +831,32 @@ Operators & Associativity\\ Y provides certain language facilities by means of a preprocessor, which is conceptionally a separate first step in compilation. \subsection{File inclusion} + File inclusions makes it easy to handle collections of declarations. + Any source line of the form + \begin{lstlisting} + #include "filename" + \end{lstlisting} + or + \begin{lstlisting} + #include <filename> + \end{lstlisting} + is replaced by the content of \texttt{filename}. \subsection{Macro Substitution} + A definition has the form + \begin{lstlisting} + #define name replacement text + \end{lstlisting} + It calls for a macro substitution of the simplest kind - subsequent + occurences of the token \texttt{name} will be replaced by the + \texttt{replacement text}. The name in a \texttt{\#define} has the + same form as a variable name; the replacement text is arbitrary. + Normally the replacement text is the rest of the line, but a long + definition may be continued onto several lines by placing a \textbackslash + (antislash) at the end of each line to be continued. The scope of a + name defined with \texttt{\#define} is from its point of definition to + the end of the source file. A definition may use previous definitions. + Substitutions are made only for tokens, and do not take place within + quoted strings. \subsection{Conditions} \section{Pointers and Arrays} \subsection{Pointers and Addresses}