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diff --git a/tex/yasc.tex b/tex/yasc.tex @@ -592,6 +592,17 @@ Operators & Associativity\\ evaluated. If it is true, \texttt{statement} is evaluated again, and so on. When the expression becomes false, the loop terminates. \subsection{Break and Continue} \label{break_n_continue} + It is sometimes convenient to be able to exit from a loop other than + by testing at the top or bottom. The \texttt{break} statement provides + an early exit from \texttt{for}, \texttt{while} and \texttt{do}. + A \texttt{break} causes the innermost enclosing loop to be exited + immediately. + + The \texttt{continue} statement is related to \texttt{break}: it + causes the next iteration of the enclosing \texttt{for}, \texttt{while} or + \texttt{do} loop to begin. In the \texttt{while} and \texttt{do}, this means + that the test part is executed immediately; in the \texttt{for}, control + passes to the increment step. \section{Functions and Program Structure} \subsection{Basics} \subsection{External Variables}