yet another stupid compiler
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Add(Tex): Add end of preprocessor

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diff --git a/tex/yasc.tex b/tex/yasc.tex @@ -858,6 +858,15 @@ Operators & Associativity\\ Substitutions are made only for tokens, and do not take place within quoted strings. \subsection{Conditions} + It is possible to control preprocessing itself with conditional + statements that are evaluated during preprocessing. This provides + a way to include code selectively, depending on the value of + conditions evaluated during compilation. + + The \texttt{\#if} line evaluates a constant integer expression. If + the expression is non-zero, subsequent lines until an \texttt{\#endif} + or \texttt{\#elif} or \texttt{\#else} are included. + \section{Pointers and Arrays} \subsection{Pointers and Addresses} \subsection{Pointers and Function Arguments}