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diff --git a/tex/yasc.tex b/tex/yasc.tex @@ -51,6 +51,15 @@ \section{Getting Started} \section{Types, Operators and Expressions} \subsection{Variable names} + Variable names are made up of letters and digits; the first character + must be a letter. A letter is, in this context, a character inside + the English dictionnary, through the letters \texttt{a} to \texttt{z}. + All other symbols from other languages / Unicode are not supported, + and will throw an error upon reading. The underscore \texttt{\_} + count as a letter. All variable must be in lowercase, as uppercase + names are reserved to namespaces. + Keywords like \texttt{if}, \texttt{else}, \texttt{struct}, etc., are + reserved: They cannot be used as variables names. \subsection{Namespaces} \subsection{Data types and Sizes} \subsection{Constants}