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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,86 @@ +BUILDER +======= + +# What for ? +- Building packages automatically for all architectures supported by Morphux +- Extracting binaries +- Extracting installed files (Configuration) +- Extracting meta information on the package: Build time, size, ... +- Update the Morphux Package Database + +# Solution +- A deamon server listening on local +- This daemon must execute requests asked by a crawler / manually +- This daemon must build the package +- This daemon must extract information about the said package +- This daemon must be able to execute concurrent builds + +# Infrastructure + +## Git server +The git server is used for package development and configuration. +When a maintainer want to release a package, he push the code into a branch +named: +> package_name-version +When this happen, the crawler is trigerred to launch a build. + +## Crawler +When a version of a package is updated (Hotfix) / a new version is pushed, the crawler is +trigerred. He then must launch the build of the package via the BUILDER +and retrieve the informations about that build. +On success, the crawler will update the Morphux Package Databaseā„¢. +On failure, the result must be stored too, and send to maintainer. + +## Database +The Morphux Package Databaseā„¢ is the database of all the packages of Morphux. +This database is used by MPM. + +# The Build +In order to build a package, the builder must: +- Launch a VM / Container of Vanilla Morphux (Clean install VM) +- Clone the package source into that env +- Launch the package build by following instructions gived by the maintainer +in the package.json file. +- In order to extract the files / binaries installed by the package, a fakeroot +install must be achieved. +- For the build itself, a modified version of MPM must be called. + +# Extracting informations +The following informations must be retrieved by the builder: +- Compilation times (Just 'make' and all the commands (./configure, make, etc)) +- Installation size (Size after install - Size before install) +- Determine binaries and config files, with path +- Determine wich libraries are static or dynamic +- Make hash for binaries + +# Protocol +This documentation will not cover the entirety of the final protocol, just a +quick overview. + +A Protocol must be defined in order for the different services to talk together. +The protocol of the builder is a simple one, because the actions are limited: + - Build a package + - Start VM + - Stop VM + - Sanitize + - Launch a new installation on a VM + +The builder must execute the requested action, and then return a response. +This Protocol can be a Text one, built on top of TCP. + +# Performance +In order to gain performance, the VMs must be up whenever it's possible. +However, the environment must stay Vanilla, so the builder must clean the installed file +(and the dependencies) after a build. +The builder must force a Sanitize of a VM if required manually, or if the builder +requires it. +In order to Sanitize a VM, a clean Install of Morphux Vanilla must be kept somewhere, +and this install must be copied on the new VM. +The clean install is generated via the associated command, in the protocol. + +# Code +- OOP is kinda required for this +- Threading +- All test +- Calling the mpm binary | using the mpm library +- Non blocking sockets