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diff --git a/docs/ b/docs/ @@ -0,0 +1,47 @@ +# Morphux Package Manager + +## What is a Package Manager +A package manager keeps track of what software is installed on your computer, +and allows you to easily install new software, upgrade software to newer +versions, or remove software that you previously installed. As the name +suggests, package managers deal with packages: collections of files that are +bundled together and can be installed and removed as a group. + +## MPM +Mpm is the morphux package manager. If you're familiar with other package +managers like apt, pkg, etc. it's about the same. + +## Install a Package +Open a terminal, and type: +``` +sudo mpm install pkg/name +``` +Let's deconstruct this command: + +- ```sudo```: Give the root power to this command (Required for installing a +program) +- ```mpm```: Mpm binary +- ```install```: Install command +- ```pkg/```: Category of the package +- ```name```: Name of the package + +## Categories +As you can read above, mpm works with package categories. Here's all the +supported categories: + +- ```pkg/```: Basic linux packages, provided and tested by morphux +- ```lib/```: Developer libraries, with headers +- ```kernel/```: Kernel sources and tools +- ```python/```: Python packages, provided by pip +- ```node/```: NodeJS packages, provided by npm +- ```vim/```: Vim plugins, provided by Vim-Awesome +- ```irssi/```: Irssi scripts / themes, provided by Irssi +- ```go/```: Go packages, provided by Glide +- ```php/```: PHP Packages, provided by Composer +- ```latex/```: Latex packages, provided by CTAN +- ```java/```: Java packages, provided by Gradle +- ```lua/```: Lua Packages, provided by LuaRocks +- ```lisp/```: Lisp packages, provided by Quicklisp +- ```ruby/```: Ruby packages, provided by RubyGems +- ```scala/```: Scala packages, provided by sbt +- ```rust/```: Rust packages, provided by cargo diff --git a/mkdocs.yml b/mkdocs.yml @@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ pages: - Home: - Introduction: - Install: + - Package Manager: theme: null theme_dir: theme repo_url: