morphux C utility library
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2017-07-26 14:44Fix(Args): Now can print only-word option in help:Ne02ptzero1+12-3
2017-07-18 16:02Add(Utils): COUNTOF Macros, for easiers static sizeof countsNe02ptzero1+2-0
2017-07-17 17:05Fix(Args): Add an assertion on callback validityNe02ptzero1+2-0
2017-07-03 16:46Add(m_util.h): New explicit header for fail_tests.hNe02ptzero1+1-0
2017-06-16 10:18Fix(Vector_string): Does not longer throw an error when a paramter is NULLNe02ptzero1+11-7
2017-06-16 09:40Fix(Tests): Forgotten free in testsNe02ptzero1+1-0
2017-06-15 16:50Add(Mock): Add mock on fchmod functionNe02ptzero3+19-0
2017-06-14 17:23Add(Tests): Add tests for vector_string helpersNe02ptzero3+28-2
2017-06-08 16:56Add(Utils): Add FREE macro (free(3) and set to NULL)Ne02ptzero1+2-0
2017-06-08 16:08Add(Lists): New structure: vector_string_t:Ne02ptzero2+58-0
2017-05-29 08:32Add(Tests): Add test for chdir mockupNe02ptzero1+13-0
2017-05-28 16:50Add(Mockup): Add mockup call for chdir(2)Ne02ptzero2+6-0
2017-05-28 13:53Add(Mockups): Add stat(2) mockupNe02ptzero3+24-1
2017-05-28 13:08Add(Files): Add a function to create files with directories (mkdir -p like)Ne02ptzero3+57-0
2017-05-24 17:08Fix(Tests): Add the possibility to force the reset of failsNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-05-24 11:42Fix(Tests): Fix some wrong testsNe02ptzero3+29-8
2017-05-24 10:21Fix(Mockups): Better way to declare / use mockupsNe02ptzero3+61-168
2017-05-23 16:20Fix(Mockups): Better alignementNe02ptzero2+21-21
2017-05-23 16:17Fix(Mockups): Beginning of a better designs for mockupsNe02ptzero2+31-79
2017-05-23 15:40Add(Tests): Add tests for utils, mockup for fork(2)Ne02ptzero5+125-15
2017-05-22 14:25Add(Utils): Add a helper to set compilation flags in order to handle output of executionNe02ptzero2+30-0
2017-05-22 11:16Fix(Utils): Forgotten status returnNe02ptzero1+3-2
2017-05-19 10:19Add(Utils): New functions for executionNe02ptzero2+26-2
2017-05-18 17:44Add(Utils): exec_list, and string list to arrayNe02ptzero2+36-1
2017-05-17 17:15Add(Utils): Beginning of the work on the exec_* commandsNe02ptzero2+44-0
2017-05-17 16:18Fix(Utils): Fix a bad handled return valueNe02ptzero1+2-1
2017-05-17 16:11Add(Utils): Add file_exist function, and testNe02ptzero2+22-0
2017-05-16 16:21Add(Utils): Add safe string macro checkingNe02ptzero1+3-0
2017-05-10 14:54Fix(Tests): Now creating file in MakefileNe02ptzero3+10-2
2017-05-10 14:42Add(Tests): Add test for recursive_deleteNe02ptzero8+72-6
2017-05-10 11:54Add(recursive_delete): Add a function to recursiely delete a directory:Ne02ptzero2+88-0
2017-05-10 10:28Add(Mockup): Add mockup for mkdir syscallNe02ptzero3+40-0
2017-04-28 17:00Add(Mockup): Add strcpy and strcat mockup functionsNe02ptzero3+74-1
2017-04-27 17:23Add(Mockup): Add calloc to existing mockups:Ne02ptzero3+38-0
2017-04-25 16:49Fix(Makefile): New prints, better way of handling flagsNe02ptzero1+18-3
2017-04-24 20:29Add(Profiler): Add intern profiler inside libmorphux:Ne02ptzero5+34-5
2017-04-24 17:13Add(Tests): Add test for m_debug functionNe02ptzero3+18-2
2017-04-24 17:11Add(Print): Add m_debug function, only printing on debug modeNe02ptzero2+22-0
2017-04-24 17:07Add(Log): Now printing log level in log:Ne02ptzero3+21-12
2017-04-24 17:00Fix(Prints): Now handling print beginning via macros and sizeof()Ne02ptzero2+16-5
2017-04-24 16:33qMerge branch 'enerdhil-flush_on_m_info_and_typos' into unstableNe02ptzero28+2161-1132
2017-03-03 13:45Fix(Tests): m_print tests, forgetten close() after open()Ne02ptzero1+5-0
2017-03-03 13:29Fix(Travis): Update build commandsNe02ptzero1+1-2
2017-03-03 13:15Add(Tests for m_log):Ne02ptzero11+371-93
2017-03-02 22:02Merge branch 'master' into unstableNe02ptzero4+28-9
2017-03-02 22:00Add(m_print): Beginning of work on logs, missing testsNe02ptzero2+104-12
2017-02-27 12:52Fix(Test): Fix macro to not execute implicit conditionsNe02ptzero2+2-3
2017-01-24 17:44Add(list_remove): Add list_remove function in m_list.c:Ne02ptzero3+87-0
2017-01-24 16:46Fix(.gitignore): Add .gdb_history at the / of the projectNe02ptzero1+1-0
2017-01-24 16:07Add(Tests): For more coverageNe02ptzero8+291-27
2017-01-24 14:34Fix(Tests): Fix {set,get}_maintainer tests:Ne02ptzero1+18-18
2017-01-24 14:15Fix(m_args, m_print): _exit -> exit:Ne02ptzero4+6-4
2017-01-24 14:06Update README.mdLouis1+3-0
2017-01-24 14:01Fix(Travis): gcov -> lcovNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-24 13:58Fix(gcov): Fix gcov optionsNe02ptzero2+2-2
2017-01-24 13:49Add(Coverage): Add coverage tests in Makefiles:Ne02ptzero4+20-0
2017-01-24 11:30Fix(Tests): Better results printNe02ptzero2+27-6
2017-01-23 19:48Fix(minfos): Now checking string length before copyNe02ptzero1+3-3
2017-01-23 19:47Fix(mprint): Add va_end to the printsNe02ptzero1+4-0
2017-01-23 19:45Fix(mtest): Missing initializationNe02ptzero1+1-0
2017-01-23 19:32Fix(margs): Now properly handling EOLNe02ptzero3+28-6
2017-01-23 17:44Fix(Leaks): Fix leaks in testsNe02ptzero2+14-0
2017-01-23 17:41Add(Tests): Better tests resultsNe02ptzero2+15-6
2017-01-23 14:19Rm(gdb_history)Ne02ptzero2+1-3
2017-01-23 14:13Fix(Makefile): Now requiring lib build before testsNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-23 14:07Fix(.travis.yml): Fix coverity commandNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-23 13:59Add(Tests): Now testing on mlistNe02ptzero3+196-0
2017-01-23 13:31Add(Tests): Final tests on margs:Ne02ptzero2+50-0
2017-01-23 13:15Add(Tests): More tests on margsNe02ptzero2+101-6
2017-01-23 10:25Add(Tests): New testNe02ptzero1+13-0
2017-01-23 10:24Fix(Tests): TypoNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-21 17:35Add(More Units Tests for args)Ne02ptzero1+13-0
2017-01-21 15:39Add(More margs tests)Ne02ptzero5+247-25
2017-01-20 15:42Add(Tests): Beginning of tests on margsNe02ptzero5+127-0
2017-01-20 09:20Merge branch 'master' of
2017-01-20 09:20Fix(Comments): Wrong comment for list_sizeNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-19 17:36Add(Documentation in README)Ne02ptzero1+10-2
2017-01-19 17:36Add(Doxyfile)Ne02ptzero1+364-0
2017-01-19 17:35Fix(Gitignore)Ne02ptzero2+11-0
2017-01-19 17:11Update README.mdLouis1+58-2
2017-01-19 16:47Fix(Travis): Duplicated before_installNe02ptzero1+1-3
2017-01-19 16:36Add(Coverity Build)Ne02ptzero1+15-0
2017-01-19 16:21Fix(Makefile): Yeah you know, same.Ne02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-19 16:19Fix(Makefile): Removed a unsuported option of valgrind UbuntuNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-19 16:12Fix(Build): Ignoring return valuesNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-19 16:07Fix(Travis): gcov -> lcovNe02ptzero1+1-1
2017-01-19 16:06Fix(Gitignore)Ne02ptzero1+3-0
2017-01-19 16:04Add(Travis Build)Ne02ptzero1+12-0
2017-01-19 15:57Add(Tests)Ne02ptzero11+176-13
2017-01-19 14:56Add(Tests): Add test functions:Ne02ptzero6+258-6
2017-01-19 11:21Add(Linked list): Now supporting linked-listNe02ptzero2+290-0
2017-01-19 10:36Fix(Comments): Updating comment on read_optNe02ptzero1+2-1
2017-01-18 17:30Add(Args): Now support multiple single args in one '-'Ne02ptzero1+18-15
2017-01-17 19:12Add(Infos): Add basic informations handlingNe02ptzero5+125-2
2017-01-17 18:26Fix(Args): Better error output on missing valueNe02ptzero2+16-6
2017-01-17 18:18Add(Option values): Now handling options valueNe02ptzero2+33-7
2017-01-17 17:34Add(Comment): Comments on help functionNe02ptzero1+4-0
2017-01-17 17:16Add(Args support): Now support advanced use of argumentsNe02ptzero5+171-2
2017-01-17 13:38Add(Template): And some codeNe02ptzero5+194-0
2017-01-17 12:58Initial commitLouis3+236-0