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Add new build instructions, extend the "Missing features" section and add
a note about patches/email address of the author.

Signed-off-by: Lars Hjemli <>

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -8,26 +8,35 @@ builtin cache to decrease server io-pressure. Installation - $ make - $ su - $ make install +Building cgit involves building a proper version of git. How to do this +depends on how you obtained the cgit sources: + +a) If you're working in a cloned cgit repository, you first need to +initialize and update the git submodule: + + $ git submodule init # register the git submodule in .git/config + $ $EDITOR .git/config # if you want to specify a different url for git + $ git submodule update # clone/fetch and checkout correct git version + +b) If you're building from a cgit tarball, you can download a proper git +version like this: -This will install cgit.cgi and cgit.css into "/var/www/htdocs/cgit". + $ make get-git -Note: The initial "make" will create a submodule 'git' and clone the git -repository at git:// in it. If you -already have a local git git repository that you want to use as origin -for the submodule, run - $ git clone -s <path-to-git-repo> git - $ ./ -u +When either a) or b) has been performed, you can build and install cgit like +this: -before running "make". + $ make + $ sudo make install +This will install cgit.cgi and cgit.css into "/var/www/htdocs/cgit". You can +configure this location (and a few other things) by providing a "cgit.conf" +file (see the Makefile for details). -Dependencies - -git (1.5.2-rc0 or newer, due to git submodule) installed +Dependencies: + -git 1.5.3 -zip lib -crypto lib -openssl lib @@ -71,11 +80,23 @@ The generated content contains the complete response to the client, including the http-headers "Modified" and "Expires". -The mis(sing) features +The missing features + +* Submodule links in the directory listing page have a fixed format per + repository. This should probably be extended to a generic map between + submodule path and url. + +* Branch- and tag-lists in the summary page can get very long, they should + probably only show something like the ten "latest modified" branches and + a similar number of "most recent" tags. + +* There should be a new page for browsing refs/heads and refs/tags, with links + from the summary page whenever the branch/tag lists overflow. -Submodule links in the directory listing page have a fixed format per -repository. This should probably be extended to a generic map between -submodule path and url. +* The log-page should have more/better search options (author, committer, + pickaxe, paths) and possibly support arbitrary revision specifiers. +* A set of test-scripts is required before cgit-1.0 can be released. -The end. +Patches/bugreports/suggestions/comments are always welcome, please feel free +to contact the author: